Our experience in European energy markets sets us apart from our Silicon Valley counterparts. We didn't jump ship after the dot-com bubble, we have been involved in the alternative energy business for three decades.

Who We Are

We are financial partners to green innovators and future leaders. We are a source of eco-conscious alternative investment opportunities for our limited partners. Our fundamental objective is to bridge the gap between ideas and capital returns in rapidly growing and unknown industries.

We are based in Madrid with 13 professionals and consultants in 3 countries. We have a core discipline in management consulting, energy trading and investment banking and venture capital. We encourage sustainable eco-conscious investing with risk optimized returns.

What We Do

We invest in high growth long-term companies that solve problems or disrupt potential problems in the global ecosystem. Our investments are in economically valuable products and services that have a positive impact on the environment.

Our primary targeted investments are in carbon-related markets, specifically alternative energy - solar, wind, biomass, feedstock, hydro and geothermal. We also have interests in carbon management sectors - energy efficiency, energy storage, pollution abatement and carbon trading.

"To evolve with nature and with the spirit of the earth, mankind is consistently forced to adapt at a rate that requires more innovation and capital than ever before..."