We believe that the best in breed entrepreneurs in the alternative and green sectors cannot be hired, so we invest in proven innovators who take ownership of their ideas and appreciate our operational expertise.

Our Philosophy

We focus on partnership - a sincere collaborative approach that allows our own team to become trusted advisors of the companies in which we invest. We support the open exchange of ideas that formulate from the close collaboration with entrepreneurial managers, which is imperative in building strong companies with significant value.

We were founded on the core fundamentals of value creation in the energy-related spaces. We understand that winning companies are built by like minded managers and not just an idea on paper. We truly share the vision and passion of our entrepreneurs.

Proven Business Models

Our investments are driven by the highest quality research performed by our due diligence team that indicates proven business models and differentiated solutions, usually with seed stage backing from top tier investment firms. We base our decisions on the risk profile of opportunities in several emerging and extremely volatile industries however we seek companies that address what we consider a fairly near-term need and whose solutions create value on a segmented stand-alone economic bases. We welcome new investment opportunities that meet the criteria highlighted in our section for entrepreneurs.

"The international balance sheet of alternative energy is at its strongest, but only the tip of the iceberg. The opportunities over the next decade are tremendous..."