We manage a variety of funds that invest in growth and late stage companies across the alternative, renewable energy, cleantech and green technology markets.


Our venture identifies and manages investment opportunities in strong innovative and promising companies.


Our goal is to identify and finance growing companies with additional capital necessary for major expansion and acquisition opportunities.

Who we look for

We constantly seek green innovators with promising growth potential in the alternative energy and related spaces. These companies primarily identify as growth or late stage, mostly backed by major venture capital. In addition, we leverage capital in the European equity markets in the green sector.

Our Roots

Our founding principals and investors spent careers contributing to the growth of renewable solutions. Most of our experience spans water treatment, onshore and offshore wind farming in Spain and Germany. With our current investment initiatives, we have set our sights on building a core of solar and wind related investments in North America and the United Kingdom.

Your Partner

We don't just invest in portfolio companies. We partner with them. Our team brings together decades of operating experience, market knowledge and a global array of value added services.

"It is time for a sustainable energy policy which puts consumers, the environment, human health, and peace first..."